Ski travel plans?


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    Ski travel plans?

    Now that Thanksgiving has past, has anyone else made ski travel plans? Let's hear about it and let the virtual fun starts?

    I usually make my Christmas travel plan (to ski, of course) before Thanksgiving, to take advantage of lower prices. But I hadn't gotten my act together soon enough this year. So I'm only starting to finalize it. I figure some of you are more organized than me...

    (Yes, I know some of you have started skiing locally too)

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    I'll be teaching weekends...if those days count...

    Max pass days now through mid-March. I'll hit Stratton, Okemo, Killington, Pico for sure. I want to do a Gore/Whiteface trip...not sure about the timing on that though. I also want to do a Sugarbush/MRG trip as well, again, not sure about the timing. Stowe over St. Patty's weekend for the council weekend if I have the $$$. After mid-March I will probably buy a Killington Spring pass for $200. That will complete my season.

    Daytrips to Windham/Bellayre on the Max Pass. Free skiing at Catamount and Berkshire East for PSIA members. Sprinkle in an $29 Magic Thursday and a few days at Mount Snow and that will be my season...

    The only booked trip is a midweek NH getaway with 2 days at Bretton Woods bookended by Sunappee and Loon or preferably Cannon.

    I looked at the calendar, did the math, and I think I'll be able to get 75+ days in . That's insane for me.
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    Christmas plans are last minute and completely snow dependent. We may hop a flight to SLC. We may drive to VT or Quebec. We may stay home and buy expensive, stub hub, tickets to String Cheese Incident at the Cap.

    Going to Taos for a week end of January, SLC for 5 days beginning of March, Telluride third week of March. Have MCP pass so will hit Sugarbush at some point. Plan to ski Jay and Burke with my ski club in Feb as well.
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    I'm on Max Pass this year. So the hope is:

    1) A lot of days in the northeast, if the weather cooperates. Fingers crossed. Gore & Killington high on the list. Bellyear, Pico, maybe even Whiteface possible too.

    I always take Christmas to either CO or UT. Haven't been disappointed so far. Hope this year is no exception. Since I have place to crash at part of my stay out there, the risk is smaller.

    2) I got the ok to work remotely during Christmas-New York. So I'm actually taking my "official" vacation AFTER New Year. But I'll be spending the whole holiday period in Colorado, burning my pass days on the weekend/holidays first, followed by a full week of skiing at Steamboat. Still trying to line up the best price for flight, rental car and lodging at Steamboat.

    3) 2nd trip will be late Feb/early March in UT plus Big Sky. That I hope will be the highlight of the season (at Big Sky). My stay at Salt Lake overlaps with the Pugski gathering. May drop in for a day if schedule allows.

    4) Not sure if I have time (and stamina) to pull one last trip in April, probably in Sugarloaf if I do.

    Looking at somewhere between 40-50 days. Not quite the number of my ski-bumming season of last winter. But then, a lot less driving and while maintaining an income stream.

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    Off to Innsbruck Thursday for 4 days of skiing. I see 7 inches forecasted for tommorrow and I here they don't have powder skiers. I am renting skis so hoping they have 100 under foot skis.

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    Only skiing VT and NH this year. A few extended weekends in North Conway and a week up there. Also an extended weekend at Jay and many day trips.
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    dec 15-23 in Utah but will probably audible to Big Sky
    dec 25-28 wherever the getting is best back east on max pass
    jan 12-15 in Washington, probably crystal, maybe a day at alpental. May drive to bachelor instead
    late feb-early march 10-14 day crested butte winter park copper trip
    all weekends in northeastern max pass and skiVT 5 pack spots
    probably an April weekend in CO

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    Maxx Pass again this year for me and 1 of my sons. So a lot of days at Killington, Stratton, Loon, Sunapee, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, etc.

    But the trip I am PUMPED for is my February school vacation trip to Big Sky. We've rented a nice ski in and ski out place and I am going to be there for 10 days total. Stoked! Never skied Big Sky before, can't wait. Already saying my prayers for good snow.

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    Still trying to figure that out since money is really tight as is time off, especially after the New Year. Right now, time off is the bigger hurdle since I have the travel points to both fly us and rent a car, so the only big cost would be lodging... assuming we picked somewhere on the MAX Pass.

    I am trying to talk my wife into a trip in January or February. We did Big Sky last year and absolutely loved it, but debating trying to do Bachelor this season.

    We HAD plans to do Copper in Colorado again the week of Christmas, but my family waited too long to commit and now plane tickets are astronomical, so Christmas week is probably out unless we travel locally. That is still an option, but I'm worried about crowds during Christmas week on the East Coast. Out West the terrain wasn't nearly as crowded on a holiday weekend.

    Otherwise, we'll be day-tripping all over New England using our MAX Pass and Peak Pass. Hoping to get to try Sugarloaf this season for the first time, but that might require a weekend trip... ~5 hours one way is too long to day-trip for me.

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    Also on the max pass this year. Booked a UT trip for the last week of January. Lookin forward to it. Hoping for some deep days!

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