Choosing the best marshmallow roasting stick for a beginner


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    Choosing the best marshmallow roasting stick for a beginner

    Hey guys!

    I’ve occasionally had the opportunity of camping and always had amazing, memorable experiences.

    Decided to pick it up as a serious hobby now moreso the marshmallow roasting part but I don’t really know much about it.

    I’m sick of using twigs, so I’m looking to invest in a stick of my own.

    Saw some great options compared on this site and am leaning towards the bamboo marshmallow roasting stick:

    I’ve set myself a budget of $10 for the stick – what do you guys recommend?

    Ideally something that doesn’t require too much initial customization!

    Thanks ahead for all the help!

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    I always thought selecting a stick from the wild was part of the marshmallow roasting experience. How about an old telescoping antenna, if you can find one. That'd be a pretty cool marshmallow/hot dog stick. It would collapse for easy storage in a pack too. Damn, maybe it's time to do some rummaging in the basement.

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    That's why the marshmallow roasting thing spammed above is the best present for me! I could take it on a work.....


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