Alba Adventures - Season 5 - EP1 - Okemo and Killington 12/9-12/10 - 2017


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    Alba Adventures - Season 5 - EP1 - Okemo and Killington 12/9-12/10 - 2017

    Sorry for the delay in getting out any edits. We have had some technical difficulties (more like overworked), though getting some ski days in. We hope you like our latest season opening edit. Hard to think we have been doing this for many years now - its really our journal, that we hope you also enjoy.

    Let us know what you think and if you ever want to be in one of these edits with your family, let us know...

    Chasing Ribbons

    With the rivers still flowing
    And snow just starting to fall
    Our ski season begins
    Hoping to see many of our friends like us
    Chasing Ribbons of snow

    We expected partially wrapped gifts
    Though these presents seem worth unwrapping
    These gifts are not ready yet

    As the ribbons get covered in Winter’s white
    We anticipate a magnificent season ahead

    While days creep closer to winter
    Killington has become its own Jack Frost

    These gifts seem more complete
    As the ribbons make full contact with nature’s wrapping.

    Even though we may only be skiing ribbons
    We know that the full gifts are yet to come
    Soon, Chasing Ribbons no more

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    Sharing some of the latest comments on our work -

    "The Albas take family ski movies to a whole other level - I was thoroughly entertained".

    And another...

    "Well done, I did not expect this to be this good"..

    All we ask is you take a look We can use the BIG THUMBS up on youtube if you enjoyed our latest work.. We hope you do..

    It's so hard to know... Think of this like the super trip report, though more like a mini movie..

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