Mountain Creek New Jersey South Peak


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    Mountain Creek New Jersey South Peak

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    Welcome to the forum Bryan.

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    No offense man but that was like watching paint dry

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    No offense man but you're kind of an a hole. If you have to start anything with no offense, maybe it's better not to say what comes after

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    I haven't gone night skiing in a while, but I have to say, that lighting is terrible. Very flat and inconsistent.

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    Hey I'm offended. Watching paint dry is one of my favorite past times.

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    Thanks for posting this! Just skied it today through the snow guns with my 6 year old (obviously he didnt go any of the jumps). This is his favorite trail at Mountain Creek. Showed him the video and he loved it.

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    My only comment woud be is it really that flat there that you need to do all that pushing with double pole plants?Other than that so what if its boring.He's out having fun.

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    Mountain Creek is flat as hell, especially the South "Peak" which has a massive flat spot midway down that interrupts your run. The mountain is too NJ for me. Riding under high tension power lines is not my idea of a relaxing escape to nature, you know? That, and too much broken glass under the lifts.

    They used to be all about terrain parks, and if you're a park rat I guess then you'll have a good time.

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    I have never skied the South Peak at MC. Are all the trails that long?

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