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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    Just because it isn't your cup of tea doesn't mean everyone has that opinion.

    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    To each their own. Had a blast as a kid skiing there.
    Exactly. My first trips to VT years ago were to Okemo and I had a great time. Today I wouldn't want to ski there on a regular basis, but I'm sure someone like my brother that loves cruisers and hates bumps would love it. Plus like DHS said as well in another post, it is also a lot closer than N VT for many people. For some people, driving distance absolutely factors in.

    Honestly I'm quite happy there's people that love places like Okemo. Otherwise places like Sugarbush and Stowe would be a heck of a lot more crowded if everyone preferred places like that compared to somewhere like Okemo.

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    I am not an Okemo guy but get there once or twice a season usually in March. I ski with friends there and it fits their skill set just fine. For me Sunapee is much cheaper via Epic than the older passes pre Vail which I never considered. Not likely anyone's favorite on here and not mine either but nice views, 1.5 hours from Boston, and good snowmaking in lean years means I don't need to go far for a day trip. I often hit it up this year on Friday mornings or Monday afternoons so I get a half day of skiing and a half day of work around going to my weekend place. I do Pico on weekends, particularly holiday weekends. I hope to hit Stowe for another day or two this season as well. I really like Stowe but at this point in life i wont drive more than two hours for a day trip which means I need to plan it.

    A lot of people ski Sunapee and outside the Epic Pass there are not a lot of great options to get access cheaply. It is not Magic, MRG, or many other better places. It is basically a step up from Wachusett. But I can say I had Max and i really don't see a huge difference between Loon and Okemo, Sunapee, or Stratton and I don't dislike Loon or Stratton but blue is blue. Ikon has great western mountains but family and work life don't allow that much travel. So it works for some and based on lift lines at both Okemo and Sunapee it is a pretty good number.

    I also like the North Conway area but 3 hours is not happening on a Friday night after a long commute.
    Otherwise I think it is a great area to explore some old school areas which I enjoy more than Sunapee and neither multi pass option works great. While neither Ikon or Epic Local are perfect I am glad to have the choice.
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    We had the MAX addon last year so skied a bunch of days at Okemo. It's not my favorite mountain, but I had a great time. I don't think that the bumps and trees in the Jackson Gore area are obviously inferior to most other S VT mountains (Magic excluded). Pico is our home mountain, but Okemo does offer more options when we're skiing with families who are not as experienced.

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