Snow..coming ???


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    Snow..coming ???

    I see snow in the forecasts. Even poor Hunter is in for some. So..lets all do a snow dance. Welcome to February.

    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    I thik I saw Plattekill got some LES last night?

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    I got my fingers crossed that Jay gets more than the 3-6" they have forecasted between now and Friday.

    after work Friday driving to buddy's apt in jersey city, parking my car there, getting in his car with him and his girlfriend (wooooo passengering and not driving my car!, driving up to buddy's mom's house in Plattsburgh for a few hours of sleep, driving across northern vt to jay, skiing Saturday, going to hill farmstead Saturday afternoon, then going to stowe where we have a room and will eat at doc ponds and probably hit the alchemist. then we are driving down to pico early sunday morning. I don't care about sportsball whatsoever, but buddy does and wants to be on the road early. so I don't want to waste my one stowe voucher day, so we agreed max pass pico is the move, as it brings us 90 minutes closer to home. should be back by 6 or 7 pm on sunday. should be a nice little weekend. fingers crossed for jay peak glade action

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    Heading up to Cannon with some friends Sunday for the Super Bowl 2 for 1. Hoping they'll have at least a little bit of the fun stuff open by then but who knows...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmgard View Post
    Heading up to Cannon with some friends Sunday for the Super Bowl 2 for 1. Hoping they'll have at least a little bit of the fun stuff open by then but who knows...
    Sounds like the goods come Sunday into Monday if this plays out right.

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    Staying close to home this weekend as I am on-call. I may ski Friday evening and/or Saturday afternoon at Crotched and Pats on Superbowl Sunday. Sunday night/Monday there could be some snow as well. Pattern is looking better anyway.
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    Possibility of a little Saturday night into Sunday as well?

    I think we're going to just ride Sunday this weekend.
    We might be bringing our niece up with us to Mt. Snow for a day, if she's not coming, we might use the MAX and take a trip to Loon or Killington instead since we'll be back at Mt. Snow next weekend with family anyways.

    We'll get back before the game, but I'll DVR the pre-game stuff.

    GO PATS!!!

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    Taking next Monday and Thursday off. Calling it early.
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    A storm you say??? Hmm this sounds very familiar.

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    Friday's storm is gonna be dust on crust. Maybe some natural stuff comes back into back into play by Monday. Then Wednesday there's another storm possible.

    I'm cashing in my chips next Friday. Trees are gonna need 2ft+ to get back into decent shape and we might just get it....
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