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    Crotched 3/26

    Got there for first chair, at 11am.

    Yes, I mean 11am. At least I noticed the late start. There were a few there for 9am....

    Still a bit frozen to start. But, softened up after 1. I enjoyed the day. Ski on lifts. Many laps. There was some brown showing, which surprised me. Not a ton of snow, given the multiple of recent storms.

    Watch their site of you plan to go there. They are uncertain about future ops
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    Where is this Crotches you speak of? Maybe Stormy Daniels?

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    Reposted. Spell check strikes agin

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    I was there last Sunday 3/25. Was also surprised to see bare spots and thin cover in some areas. Spoke to several employees who said 4/1 would be the last day due to anticipated loss of base and no staffing past Easter.

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