Why do people stop skiing for the season?


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    Why do people stop skiing for the season?

    In good years, it seems we run out of mountains before we run out of snow.

    Why is it that people will clamor to the mountain early season, to ski in grey, cold, narrow conditions, yet when it's warm, sunny and 75% of the terrain is open, no one shows up?

    Is it other activities? Over scheduled kids?

    We were driving through MA yesterday on our way to Easter with my in-laws. At the Oxbow Marina, they had a huge soccer tournament going on. I thought it was a bit early...and somewhat odd to have an event like that on a holiday. Could that be a reason? Are people shifting gears already?

    While I am looking forward to getting out on the ol' mountain bikes and kayaks, I'm certainly in no hurry to have the snow to melt to do so.


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    People want to golf/bike/boat early in the season the same reason people want to ski early in the season...they haven't done it in 6 months and are ready to get back into it. Even if it does "suck" compared to peak season.

    For me...personally...I just get burnt out by April. I'll still ski but not do 3 days a week like I average in December-March.

    I'm going up to ski again this weekend for 3 days and then it'll probably just be Fridays til May or when things start to suck. I was actually going to go to Thompson Speedway's Icebreaker racing event but the snow in VT looks like it'll be too good to pass up.
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    A lot of folks seem to dislike skiing corn, slush and bumps. Might be part of the reason why their attention turns to other things in spring.

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    I don't get burnt out but my wife does by the end of March. I will now pick and choose my ski days. cold nights and warm days does not always make for a good combo as the thaw/ freeze screws up trying to get a full day in. It isn't always worth driving 2 to 3 hours each way to only ski an afternoon. While I don't mind skiing by myself in the dead of winter - Spring skiing is about grills, lawn chairs, sunshine and beer in the parking lot and doing it by yourself isn't the same. Maybe I need new friends who will set their priorities more in line with mine. My kids are in High school and college now and aren't always available because of school sports and jobs.
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    I don't start until at least Christmas unless there is real snow and terrain open. I stop when it stops snowing because I have done enough spring skiing in my time and it no longer holds enough interest for me to make a 4+ hour drive. We went for our first mountain bike ride of the season yesterday which brings up another reason we stopped skiing for the year - we like doing other outdoor activities when weather permits.

    If I lived in ski country I would likely ski much later into spring. But I don't so I don't.
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    50% of terrain being open in December seems more exiting than 70% being open in April.

    At this point I either want to ski trees or incredible spring conditions. Skiing some slushy narrow trails surrounded by brown is just depressing. I may as well embrace hiking or mountain biking.

    There is something a lot different mentally and spiritually about skiing early season and skiing late season. It's not for everyone, all the time.

    Hoping I can end the season on a high note next week some time at Jay. If I can't end it on a high note than I'll end it on the high notes already sung. Watching the snow melt isn't something that bring me a feeling of peace and happiness unless the skiing is simultaneously spectacular.
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    I would never stop if that was an option. and im constantly thinking about unaffordable south American summer skiing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domeskier View Post
    A lot of folks seem to dislike skiing corn, slush and bumps. Might be part of the reason why their attention turns to other things in spring.
    You can't push the tail out and slide on corn/slush. Much easier to do that in man-made WORD during Christmas.

    But the other reason is probably true. People are burn out by end of March. Whether they got good condition or not, they've "skied" x number of days they've planned. Races are now over, kid's programs done, non-ski programs starting...

    I'm not surprised why people quit. I'm only surprised why people start before condition were half way decent ...

    I see people cleaning their boat/bike. It's still cold out there, roads are slushy, water is still bone chilling. But they have to brave that to go boating and biking! By the time it comes September, they're burned out and itching to ski WORD!!!

    I guess patient is not a popular thing. Who wants to wait for the right condition when one can ski the WORD or bike the salt-peppered roads??? I want something, I want it NOW!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domeskier View Post
    A lot of folks seem to dislike skiing corn, slush and bumps. Might be part of the reason why their attention turns to other things in spring.
    Last week on vacation number of people told me how much they dislike the mushy conditions. Lots of passholders skiing early and quitting early. So I'm sure many people don't want to buy a ticket for the 2 hours they consider good conditions. Perhaps a discounted 1st 2 or 3 hour ticket would be a worth while product.

    When we finished skiing Attitash we almost had our stuff locked in Bear Peak lodge. Apparently everybody else was long gone. It was about 4:15 and we had caught the 3:59 chair. Worker said he was about to lock up when he saw us skiing down, didn't notice our shoes inside.

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    their loss really. this past weekend was one of my best of the season. soft bumps and deteriorating glades are my jam.

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