Your significant other...


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    Your significant other...

    So, does your wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, about all these things we pontificate on ..all the time? Or do they not even think about it much. Do they know the weather forecast, conditions, watch ski movies, etc ? When I decided to get married again, I picked another skier. She was Vice pres of the ski club. Yes I had to pretty much throw out ALL her stuff and start over but she was game. And now she skis much better and gets in over 25 days a season. But I can't really talk to her about these things, she doesn't care too much. But thats why I have ALL of you.

    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    my ex was a never skier who became a solid intermediate over our 3 years together. if nothing else, I gave her the gift of becoming a skier. she continued to ski this season (we broke up about a year ago), and even went to Banff with a couple of her friends.

    my current girlfriend is an avid surfer who wants to learn to snowboard. but she hurt herself surfing two summers ago, was in pain for over a year, finally got diagnosed, and had major hip surgery this past January. she hopes to be ready to learn next winter. she is totally accepting and supportive of my obsession. she came along to just sit and read in the lodge many times this year, and didn't complain a single time. she is great and I love her.

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    My wife has zero interest in any of this.

    What is important is that she is fully accepting of the fact that I care and she supports my skiing habit.

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    My wife is pretty into it. She'll follow the weather somewhat, but usually asks me about it. When she's looking for new skis, she'll do her own research and then demo. I stay out of her way when it comes to attire.

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    While my wife skis she only gets out about 10-15 days a year at most. She is already slowing down and only likes skiing groomers but will ski bumps if they get in her way. Never goes in the woods. Hates spring skiing. She hasn't liked skiing any type of powder although she now has some skis that bust through crud pretty well and enjoyed a few crud busting days this year. She makes snide remarks about me posting on ski sites such as this. Only cares about the weather when she knows she'll be skiing and if it doesn't look good she won't ski. She goes to the Warren Miller movie every year as we go as a family. I think she likes them for the most part. She has made it a point to say we are going somewhere warm next year for Feb vaca and not skiing.
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    My G/F learned long ago to expect me to ski. I took her with me to Wildact one day, lift was turning, I was smiling, and a guy comes out and tells me they are closed, it's -76 up top. So I went over to Attitash and skied anyways.

    Lately, she has been doing some skiing. She has knee issues, finally got it scoped. Has been out skiing a half dozen times after that this year, and has already bought next year's pass (her first pass). Rank beginner, but she gets it. Went to a ski movie the other day, she enjoyed it! Now I have have to find her some new skis and a new helmet....
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    My wife used to ski, but knees and so forth stopped her. She totally gets my passion for the sport. But when April comes, I try to be done. She is VERY understanding!

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    I don't know if I could have a serious relationship with a non skier. Maybe that's why I'm single?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pez View Post
    I don't know if I could have a serious relationship with a non skier. Maybe that's why I'm single?
    there are very few women (at least in my NYC dating pool) who could hack it with what and how I am trying to ski. if I lived in Denver or something, no problem. but if I meet a woman in nyc who says she skis, she means that she skis groomers at killington 5 days a year. in my experience down here, it's just been easier to date non skiers or casual skiers and then encourage them to do it more, with the understanding that if she comes with me on a ski trip, we'll drive together, eat together, sleep together, but for the most part not ski together. as well as the understanding that from thanksgiving to easter I will not be available on a weekend for almost anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimG. View Post
    My wife has zero interest in any of this.

    What is important is that she is fully accepting of the fact that I care and she supports my skiing habit.
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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