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    Hahaha yeah baby! Per Facebook...

    They posted a video and it appears to run parallel to Catapult and drop into On Stage to the skiers right of the little double. That's really freakin' steep if you don't know the mountain!

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    New trails between Sidewinder and Alley Cat. Really adding terrain. Good for them - I always enjoyed the day trip to Catamount and now there will be a lot more to offer.

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    Wow...a new double diamond and it looks like 2 more intermediate or advanced trails. This expansion and the smaller stuff they did last year putting in the new triple and cutting a couple small trails puts Catamount on-par with the size of Jiminy Peak and absolutely blows Butternut out-of-the-water.

    And the new double diamond looks to head "straighter" down the mountain than Catapult which tends to make me think it'd be steeper. IMO, Catapult is at the top range of what most major Vermont mountains would consider a single black (it's profile always reminded me of the bottom of Superstar at Killington or Organgrinder at Sugarbush)...this new trail might be a legit thriller.
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