Wife and I are planning to spend a long weekend in June. It will just be us, miraculously tricked one of the grandparents to fly in and watch the kids for the weekend. We were thinking Portsmouth but want to be far enough away that we wonít drive home if one of the kids gets sick or lights the house on fire. I havenít been to Burlington since skiing smuggs about ten years ago. I remember it as a larger Portsmouth.

Any restaurant recommendations? We do not need anything fancy, I eat wings and seafood, she eats salad. Also do not need fancy beer, switched to vodka a few years back for health reasons, she drinks sparingly. What about breakfast? Looking for a sit-down place with omelets.

Any hotel recommendations? Want to be within walking distance to several bars, just need a mini fridge, TV and bed in the room. A hot tub would be nice. Hoping to keep it under $250 / night.