Best Discounts For Family Skiing (Passes And/Or Lessons) Near Boston?


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    Best Discounts For Family Skiing (Passes And/Or Lessons) Near Boston?

    My kids are getting more and more into skiing, and I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep the activity going, without breaking the bank. We live very close to Nashoba Valley, so my daughter has taken lessons there for the last three years. Last year it included an adult half-day lift ticket, so it meant that before or after her lesson, I could work with her and we got in a lot more skiing and practice because of that. This coming year, no such luck. A lift ticket for me would be about $50, so adding that into the cost of her lessons, we're around $500 for six lessons and six half days of skiing, which is a little steep for me.

    Are there any good lesson packages (such as included adult lift ticket) or family-friendly season pass within easy drive of Boston? I've checked Nashoba (best option seems to be the Sunday evening season pass for $170), Wachusett (weekday and all evening pass for $279) and Crotched Mountain.


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    Ragged should be only marginally further than Crotched and has cheap passes ($250 for unlimited adult, though it is higher now). Lessons are a bit more, but still a good deal. Would be the best area of the ones you've listed

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    Might want to check out Bradford...although they won't post 2018/2019 pricing for a while yet. Great snow sports school. 2 different kids race teams. A Buddy Warner team with races on Sundays and BART, a more weekday evening team with select races up north. BART has excellent coaches.

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    Become a ski part time ski patroller. Family passes are usually included depending on length of service.
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    I'm in the same area as you, and Ragged seems to be a popular choice for people. If your kids rent skis from Zimmerman's in Nashua, you can get a kids Ragged pass for $99. There are also places in the area where a rental will get you a free kids season pass to Bretton Woods, but it's further away and your pass will cost a lot more.

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    Have you looked at Pat's Peak? I think they have a lot of options for lessons, and the terrain would be a good progression after Nashoba.

    On their website they mention some discounts for parent's lift tickets: Parents of students are eligible for a discounted lift ticket available on the day of their child(rens) program, or our "Weekday Parent Frequent User Card" good for five, 8-hour weekday tickets good any weekday, non-holiday, and are transferable.

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    Still remember my first day of skiing in Dec 1970 at Nashoba! Same pine trees at bunny slope but a rope tow. Took lessons there after school for years. Anyway, still live in area and took my oldest there about 6yo for six pack of lessons (I think it was). Ugh, seemed like a waste - big groups, too much waiting - I wasn't paying that $ to ski there. Honestly save your $.

    As a kid I spent most of time skiing so NH - the old crotched Mt mostly. Good for day trip - as a kid they seemed big. But don't know how good they are for lessons - but better than NV I suspect. We ended up buying a small cheap ski house near SR - so kids got lessons there and can't rave enough about them. And having a ski house if you can swing it. Worth every penny to be a ski family imo.

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    I second Ragged Mountain or check out Pat's Peak. Super chill, family-oriented mountain, both, really close. I learned at Crotched and love it. Pass on Wachusett (too crowded) and expand beyond Nashoba. If there is a pass that allows you to ski Gunstock, Ragged, Crotched and Pat's, grab it. Let us know what you decide. Your kid's have a great day.

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    Our family was in the same boat a few years back. Nashoba was not a great value. We switched to Granite Gorge in Keene, NH. An easy drive. Small mountain, but with some more challenging trails than Nashoba or Wachusett. Friendly ski school. You'll get the know everyone. A six week Winter Youth program including lift/lesson is about $200 and an 8-week program is under $300. You can get a parent ticket for $20 when your kid is taking a lesson. The ticket is supposed to be good during your kid's lesson plus one hour before or after, but they don't care and you can basically ski as long as you'd like. Another bonus about Granite Gorge is that it's not crowded. Most days you can park across the lift and next to the lodge. If that parking is full, it's a very short walk (100 yards?) from the main parking lot. When the kids are young and you need to help with the gear, it's a blessing!

    Our kids loved the place when they were young. They are now part of the Crotched race team.

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    The Peak Pass might be really good for you depending on actual drive times. Crotched would be your main mountain, but you'd have the option of going to Mount Snow a couple times to mix things up and get the kids on Long John or Deer Run for some super easy progression. If the kid is 6, go grab a $60 Scout Peak Pass for Crotched and Mt Snow before the price goes up tonight just because it is ridiculously cheap. If they are 7+ the price jumps to $399 which is the same as what I just paid for a Drifter. That's a tough call, especially because for example I already have 10 days used on my pass for next year thanks to the amazing last 4/5 weeks of the year at Snow. So already I've made my money back, but it sounds like you might come in a little closer to ten days on the full season which yes at $40 is still a great deal, but the upfront cost is tough.

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