Jay Peak / Burke Sweepstakes


View Poll Results: Who will purchase Jay and/or Burke?

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  • Vail

    3 10.00%
  • Alterra

    8 26.67%
  • Powdr

    2 6.67%
  • Peaks

    2 6.67%
  • Boyne

    0 0%
  • Other

    8 26.67%
  • Independent/New Company

    7 23.33%
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    Jay Peak / Burke Sweepstakes

    With both expected to be sold before the new season and the recent dominoes falling I thought this would be interesting to discuss.

    I have to stick with my original gut feeling of Vail (I originally said this at least 3 months ago). But definitely a case can be made for quite a few companies.

    Edit: Have to imagine Vail would take just Jay and sell Burke off to who knows what.
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    If Peak wants to keep up with the big guys even a little bit then they might want to find a way to get both mountains. Yes, Peak is not in the greatest place financially, but I think things are better now than say a year or two years ago before the EB-5 funding came through at Snow. Now if they can find a way to finance the acquisition Jay and Burke both fit into their portfolio, for Burke they do already run Wildcat which has 0 bed base and cannot change that factor so they are used to some challenges while knowing how to utilize that new hotel. Jay would be another Mount Snow quality property and if they got things firing on all cylinders I can see Jay becoming the crown jewel for the company overall.

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    I selected "other" as my choice. My W.A.G. (Wild Ass Guess) is that by next ski season:

    Jay Peak - bought by hedge fund

    Burke - has no buyer*

    *caveat being the hedge fund could be "forced" to take Burke if it wants Jay Peak, but likely only if a bidding war emerges
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    Burke is not expected to be sold before this season. At a condo owner’s meeting, management said that Burke will take longer to sell than Jay. They anticipated the receiver running Burke through the entirety of this coming ski season.

    But who knows... Things can change.

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    It would be sweet if Peaks bought them both !! Id certainly get more use out of my Ranger Pass !!

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    What's weird here is that Burke is actually the better off mountain infastructure wise. First, burke doesn't need any new lifts--everything has already been upgraded. Hpwever they are just so far out of the way that it's just worth driving the extra distance to Jay

    I personally don't want Peaks buying Jay. It would then be overrun with Mt. Snow people. Also judging from the fact that Peaks hasn't invested anything into Attitash, I doubt they would do anything to make Jay a flagship resort. And that's bad because Jay desperately needs lift improvements. I don't see Peaks going in and replacing the Bonnie chair anytime soon. Instead I predict all that would happen will be more crowds that would rather instagram "powder skiing" than people who actually wanna ski.

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    I guess this should be a 2 part question. Who would you like to see buy them? Then who do you think will buy them?
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    We could easily do another poll: Who will purchase Smugglers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    I guess this should be a 2 part question. Who would you like to see buy them? Then who do you think will buy them?
    Not sure what company I would want to buy them. I kinda wish Jay and Burke could just be successful as independent resorts. If they did have to partner up, my perfect world would be Sugarbush being partners with them, as both mountains are similar vibes.

    Another unpopular opinion, would be Jay Peak turning into Vermont's version of Cannon, as it is already basically the same thing (or was the same thing back in the day, before the waterpark was added). What I'm saying is: if no one wants to buy Jay, I'd be ok with the State of Vermont running it like NH runs Cannon, while contracting a business out to run the other things like the waterpark and hotels.
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    Not sure who will buy Burke, but I think Alterra may have big interest in Jay. They would corner the Montreal market if they did, considering they already have Tremblant. Both are quasi Eastern destination resorts too now (Tremblant always with the village and Jay now with the new lodging/alternate attractions).

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