I usually get it around Memorial Day and have it until Columbus Day, despite being very careful. I got it BAD as a kid, but as an adult it's just kind of there, always lingering in the melee with the bug bites, bike bruises and other scrapes.

Anyway, as a kid we had all these "survival" type books (Foxfire, Stalking the Wild Asparagus... 70s hippie stuff) and I remember one where the guy ate poison ivy, starting with the little shoots first thing in spring, to basiacally develop an immunity. This thread jogged my memory on that... a little googling, and it is the Stalking (Ha!) the Wild Asparagus guy.


Anyway, rambling post while I sit on hold (45 minutes and counting!) arguing with Wells Fargo over a measly 100 bucks.

Days are getting shorter, September on its way, poison ivy, along with the sugar maple and everything else, soon to start turning.... looking forward to ski season!