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    I wouldn't want to be around crowds and especially the lift line on hallucinogens.
    Skiing and hiking would be pretty good though. Provided the weather was nice.

    However I'm pretty sure those days are long behind me.

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    Big Bear, CA in 1991. It was a bluebird spring day with solid crowds. I was with a big group and a few of us took mushrooms right in the lodge. It wasn’t well thought out. However, I had a great time and skied better than I ever had before. It’s helpful that you’re wearing goggles so that strangers can’t see the dumb look on your face. Everything looked f***ing beautiful and I wasn’t capable of intelligent conversation so I didn’t talk much. I look back on that day fondly but I wouldn’t recommend trying it.

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    I've been to Gunstock maybe 5 times, all of them in a similar mental state...

    I don't know how I'd feel doing that here at Jackson, but at some little ski bump at night, hell of a good time.

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