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    I remember one memorable time back during the American Ski Company days where we decided we would ski top to bottom on Juggarnaut for the last run of the day near 4 o'clock. Everything was great for the first half of the run. Then we got to the bottom of Bear and realized there was barely any snow (no snow making) on the section below Bear to Skyship. What followed was an arduous slow descent, taking skis off here and there and hitting lots of rocks. By the time we reached the car at Skyship it was almost 5 o'clock.

    Just for kicks and slight convenience I took the section between Bear and Skyship a year ago and found it doable, but very annoying without grooming, especially because of the many streams that crossing melting snow irregularly.

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    I did ski that section once a very long time ago, just to do it. Hoofed it across the parking lot and there used to be a bridge to cross Sunrise Mountain Rd, long gone. Was that wood turnstile still there crossing the E mountainroad about halfway down to keep snowmobilers off it?

    Another similar trail that doesn't get as much attention was the Sunrise Trail that came off the top off the Northeast Passage triple to the west of CherryKnoll and came back into Noreaster well below the old midstation. That sucker was long and flat, not sure if the snowmobile tours still use it.

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    Looks like down in the Southern Hemisphere, Lizards can hang up expansion plans.

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    I skied it twice in my lifetime. First time was fun, just enough pitch, longer way down to skyeship base than great eastern.

    2nd and last time, flat and uphill in spots. Generally sucked. Won't miss it really
    wish i were skiing.....

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