Killington Closing Juggernaut


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    Killington Closing Juggernaut

    As part of a "land swap" regarding the South Ridge Quad, Killington will be closing Juggernaut. Now I'm glad I decided to check it out this past season. Picked a good day for it... hardpack spring morning but 30 degrees and sunny. Made for good sliding conditions with no poling or skating. 19 minutes from Peak to Bear Base.

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    i haven't skied juggernaut or any of that terrain since i was a kid. until this year. i wanted to check out the "natural woods" off of solitude/sassafras. i hopped into the woods off of sassafras where the trail map depicts a valley/drainage. the southern exposure made for really sticky shitty snow, and i ended up slogging out. if there is quality tree skiing to be had on that part of killington, i do not know where it hides.

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    Seems like a pretty useless trail to me. I rode it once when it was hard and fast, and almost immediately regretted the decision. A long trail like that could be enjoyable for the right person but it needs just a little more pitch.

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    I believe, from what is shown in some of the documents, that they are only closing the part ABOVE Sassafras, to the Peak. If they are closing the piece from Sassafras to Sunrise, it isn't showing in the permits yet... and they've stated they're only closing off 5 acres of space.

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    Why is Juggernaut a blue trail anyway. From what I remember of it it was pretty flat. I haven't skied it in almost 30 years though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    Why is Juggernaut a blue trail anyway. From what I remember of it it was pretty flat. I haven't skied it in almost 30 years though.
    They changed it so that beginners who can't really skate or pole wouldn't ski it.

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    Yeah, I've been on it only a few times in the past decade. Took a group of beginners on it years ago and they loved it. I kept thinking I wished I had a snowmobile.

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    Killington should also negotiate to cut a narrow trail between Sassafras and South ridge, They could really use more narrow trails.

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    Looks like it is only the "Upper" Portion of the trail:

    The mitigation plan provides for the replacement of Bicknell’s Thrush habitat to be
    removed through closure of the upper portion of the nearby Juggernaut ski trail.
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    I don't recall it even being open last winter, maybe they were just preparing us for it's removal.

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