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    Quote Originally Posted by skiur View Post
    Great movie, I'll watch it anytime but a lot of people call it a ski movie which I think is a bit of a stretch.
    It's a painfully true comedy about growing up and realizing that you, your life, your family, and the world are more flawed than you grew up thinking. It was perfect when I first watched it my junior year of high school, and already an avid skier... while a bunch of the zany gags certainly are "out there", it sums up that crazy time of your life very well.

    Full movie is on youtube...
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    That is gnarly!

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    Candide would have sent it at 2:03

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    Quote Originally Posted by skifree View Post
    even better is what his brother did week before

    Fantastic works! BOTH brothers, in their own sphere.

    99% of the world may misunderstand them. But their accomplishments will be talked about in years to come as the “first” of some fine work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siliconebobsquarepants View Post
    LMAO , My Buisiness partner regularly asks our customers “Where’s my two dollars “
    The skiers get it 😁
    We finally had to rent the movie to show our kids. My husband and I would say that phrase often and they just didn't get it.

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