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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    It amazes me how many people ski that week. I can't remember a Christmas /New Year's week that ever had great conditions.
    I thought conditions on 1/1/2018 in the Catskills were fairly excellent, in the absence of any major storms beforehand; bright blue skies, plenty of open terrain thanks to holiday week snowmaking, barely anyone on the slopes - as long as you didn't mind it being -15*

    *This probably contributed greatly to "barely anyone on the slopes."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smellytele View Post
    Didn't 2016 have a good Dec up to christmas then it rained most of Christmas week until Friday Then it snowed over the frozen mess?
    It rained leading into Christmas so it was not great but the cold and snow earlier in December meant a good base on a decent amount of terrain. Conditions improved post Christmas day (we started skiing on 27th) with snowmaking and grooming, and then we had 10" (checked my notes and it was 10" @ Bromley) Thursday afternoon into Thursday night, so Thursday afternoon had powder shots and Friday was a full on great day.

    On New Years Day I skied Magic with enough natural for east siders like Up Your Sleeve, Kinderspiel etc. to be open.

    As far as Christmas goes this was well above normal conditions.
    2019/20 = 23 Cut Short!
    2018/19 = 36
    2017/18 = 37
    2016/17 = 31
    2015/16 = Depressing
    2014/15 = 28
    2013/14 = 27

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    Quote Originally Posted by slatham View Post
    SoVT - Last year Christmas day 10" pow with good if cold skiing the rest of the week. Christmas 2016 had 8-9" on the Thursday into Friday.

    New Years day, especially when its the last day of the holiday (thus a go home day) is always very quiet. With NYD being a Tuesday this year, I would expect the Monday/NYE to be lighter than a "normal" holiday ski day, as some will not take it off, but still likely to be pretty busy.

    All things equal.....
    yea, i skied a 6" powder day at windham on xmas day, went and picked up my friend from his wife's family x-mas near albany, and went up to killington for two very solid days 12/26-27. it was just insanely cold.

    i always ski x-mas week. usually out west. this past season i actually got home from big sky, chilled for one day, and then did that windham>killington trip. my days off are limited and i use them to ski no matter what.

    my new company is straight up closed from the end of friday dec 22, thru the morning of weds jan 2. that is tight. i have a tentative airbnb on hold from 12/23-29 near winter park. my girlfriend's bday is 12/21, so i can't vanish as soon as work is over.

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    NYD is a great day to get first chair. It is usually relatively empty.

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    Minus 26 Fahrenheit at Mont Sainte-Anne in Quebec last year between Xmas and New Years. Had to get the wife a pair of Hotronics heated socks. When I booked the trip in the fall I was worried it would be too warm and not have enough snow.

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    Yeah, last NYD was a cold one!

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