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    Still rocking an iPhone 6. Prices are offensive these days and I hate that they’re getting rid of the fingerprint sensors in favor Face ID.
    The AAPL iPhone "upgrades" are offensive to people's intelligence.

    Apple releases a new "improved" iPhone every September, whether they have "improved" it really or not. I know a guy who this is his job, all he does is work 12 months a year, every year, on "September rollout". It's a joke, as it's not like it's really a big improvement every year, but enough people that must have the new thing get duped by it each year so it's profitable.
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    My wife and I have the 6 as well. Still chugs along fine. Hoping that iOS12 will help extend the useful life a little longer.

    I think the economics of this changed when they carriers stopped subsidizing the price of the phone in the monthly bill. Essentially, it made sense to upgrade every two years.

    Plus, the changes to the phone each year are less and less. It was a bigger dealing going from a 4 to a 5....and a 5 to a 6. Now the updates are more incremental.

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    I suggest staying up to date with OS upgrades because of the fixes for security issues alone.

    The new IOS is actually faster than the last and consumes less resources. It's a good upgrade for performance for sure

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    My wife gave her mom her old Iphone7. While in the Verizon place transferring it over, they mentioned the 5 will no longer be supported by Verizon in 2019. (Her dad still rocks an old 5). Not sure why that would be so, but it appears holding out with the older phones might burn ya in the future.

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