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    I'm going to sticky this thread and suggest folks just add stuff as they feel it's appropriate. The same way it's been done for years.

    Tuna has backed out of maintaining the "aggregate thread" as he's pointed out above.

    Let's keep it simple and respect that some people have different concepts of what represents a good deal than others.

    Edited to add:

    I've cleaned up most of the clutter and closed the aggregate thread as it is not going to be maintained further by the author. Tuna did post all of the information from that thread in this one.

    Let's try and stay on topic and keep the discussions to the relevant deals. Should some folks find certain posts are getting too off topic, please report the posts and they will be reviewed to see if the comments add value to the thread. If they only add clutter and no benefit, they posts will be removed.

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    I'm sorry if this has been posted before.

    Today I got my season pass to Wachusett for less than the early bird rate.

    Go here:

    Click on the pass you need to add to your cart.

    Proceed to checkout.

    When it asks you for the group name, enter SKI MPG

    Discount is good until 11/14/2018

    This saved my season because I wasn't paying attention to cutoff dates and I thought I couldn't afford to ski locally. I hope it helps someone else.
    2017-2018: Rookie season. 6 days at Wachusett so far.

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    According to TV4 Wachusett has a blood drive coming up on site. Free lift ticket for donating.

    Check their web site for full details. 11/12/18

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    Win a free trip to Steamboat from GetSkiTickets.

    Winner gets 4 night stay at Trappuer’s Crossing Resort, 4 days of skiing for 2 people at Steamboat Ski Resort, 2 sets of demo ski / board rentals provided by Christy Sports, including boots, poles and helmets, $1000 in airfare credit to Denver International Airport, 2 round trip transfers and a schwag bag! Contest run date 10/15/2018 at 12am to 11/18/2018 11:59pm.

    Enter contest here:

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    Camelback's win free ski trip to Camelback promo is still going on. You can enter contest here:

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    A deal for some. Not for me. Loon. $129. Includes a ticket and discount on later purchases.

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    Boston Ski Show deal for Bretton Woods:

    $65 any day, $215 Quads, $495 Ten Packs and more

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    Also at Boston Ski Show Jay/Burke 3 packs for $189. And Ski & Stay deals. From their FB page.

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    Hunter 3pack,$149, good on holidays too if your insane enough to go.
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