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    Quote Originally Posted by rtjcbrown View Post
    This makes it a destination worthy of a week long vacation, which makes the extra drive time seem not so bad.
    ....common theme <sigh>
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    Quote Originally Posted by tumbler View Post
    Most summer operations at ski areas are to lessen the losses, they don't make money in the summer. I would also be skeptical that they are turning a hefty yearly profit. From a skier perspective what gives you the inclination that they are making money? I admit I have not been to Smuggs in about 20 years but I have not heard of any large capital improvements there like many other areas (Jay & Burke excluded) have been undertaking. Usually reinvesting is a sign of profit. Unless their plan is to sell...
    They have not made the big splashes on hill, but they have been making improvements to the village offerings and other activities. As to summer operations, they may have a decent draw and potential profit. I know they have the nationaldisk golf championships this year (didn't realize they have two complete 18 hole disk courses that are apparently highly ranked in the country for those).

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoublePlanker View Post
    Given the state of the ski industry these days, is there another buyer for Smuggs? Is the ski area feasible going forward given aging infrastructure? Who will spend the capital required in the future + acquisition cost?

    Vail could be a better option than eventual nelsap.

    Vail could build a tunnel interconnect from Stowe. Or a funicular + tunnel?
    NELSAP? No.

    A tunnel and funicular? You're joking, right?
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    I do a week at smugg’s every year, I don’t get bored and every time I leave I start looking at real estate and toying with the idea of moving my outfit to VT. The vibe is awesome, skiing’s great, I personally love the accommodations/property, it’s also very reasonable for the package I usually get; 5 nights with lift tix for 2 people almost always under $800. I really hope they don’t sell anytime soon.

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    Smuggs has no problem filling up their lodging. In that regard, I don’t think that it matters what side of the notch it’s on.

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    Some of you guys bitch when your favorite resorts goes Mega Corp., and here we have a financially healthy, functioning privately owned ski resort that has great terrain and we have some wishing Vail would buy it

    I don't think Smugs is in any danger of closing it's doors anytime soon, but if you're at all concerned, go there and support them. Liberty Bank renewed their business loans with Smugss recently - 38M in 2015 and 22.5M in 2017, for receivables loans and inventory loans. this is most likely for their real estate business.

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    i dont think anyone in here "wishes" that vail buys it. we just see it as something of an inevitable.

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    Seems to me that they are stable because they have a very loyal customer base and they haven't invested in major on hill improvements on a yearly basis like most other "resorts" do. Gets yearly raves as the best family resort, and has some spectacular terrain, but they seem to bank the profits every year without re-investing in the infrastructure. Good for them if this model continues to work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrailboss View Post
    NELSAP? No.

    A tunnel and funicular? You're joking, right?
    tunnel + magic carpet like the bird???

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    Quote Originally Posted by DoublePlanker View Post
    tunnel + magic carpet like the bird???
    Snowbird's tunnel/carpet cost almost $1M, and is VERY short. A Stowe/Smuggs tunnel would be MUCH longer.

    I have no idea how much that significant extra length would translate into dollars, but I think it would be a lot, and those dollars would probably be more efficiently & wisely be placed into the "correct" Vermont politician's pockets.
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