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    Women’s Skis

    What the hell are woman’s skis? What makes them women’s skis? I see great deals for them, can I ski on them as a man?? lol is it anything more than paint?

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    Depends on the model. For some it's a topcoat, for some it's topcoat+length availability, for some the construction and geometry are tweaked for a lighter average weight, shorter average leg, and different biomechanics.

    You should be able to ski one fine, and unless you ski a same brand same model ski for men or unless you're ripping double diamonds and maxing the ski's potential you probably won't notice. Except for snide comments from ignoramuses in the liftline about your topcoat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IceEidolon View Post
    Except for snide comments from ignoramuses in the liftline about your topcoat.
    That's what stickers are for.
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    Body weight and distribution. Plus the bindings are usually more forward.

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    It's actually recommended if your stance and gait resembles Richard Simmons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manhattanskier View Post
    I see great deals for them, can I ski on them as a man?? lol is it anything more than paint?
    There're "great deals" because there're fewer women skiers on average. And let's be honest, a larger percentage of women skiers are casual skiers. So a lot of the "women skis" are for beginner/intermediate skiers. (There're some higher level women's skis though, not sure which modals you're interested in)

    There're also a lot of men/women models where the main difference is mostly in the top sheet. You can definitely ski those as long as you don't mind the look you get in the lift line or on the chair.

    The "real" difference between many of the most popular women skis from their men's version is very often the stiffness. Or the lack of. So if you're light for your height, you may actually benefit from women's skis.

    Read the description of the model. Read between the lines. You may find you get great deals.
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    Hi All. I ski alot and I think I can answer a bit here. I am petite and I do need a woman's ski. It's not necessarily a ski level thing. For me it's the weight (90lbs, my winter weight) and ski length. I can't ski with 160's, I am 5"2'. Last season I traded up from my old K2's from their "luv" series to Head Womens skis, their "Joy" line. They are physically lighter than my old k2's and the side cut is much better for the steeps and also for bumps. I looked at Everything, every brand. For me, I must say in this case I went from "True luv" k2's to "Pure Joy", Head skis. Speaks volumes, lol. My suggestion, shop around, do the research. Look at your skill level, how often you ski. Carry the skis around the shop in your hand (really, this helped me a lot - you will be lugging these on the slopes. How often do you want to replace your skis? For me I am good for 5-6 years then it's time because I ski a lot. So for me integrated bindings are fine, they will last 5-6 yrs. Skis are a several year investment at the least, research, shop, talk to your ski friends, talk to the shop. In the end, go with your gut. Have fun!

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