Where do you buy your gear?


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    Where do you buy your gear?

    Online or at a store? I buy the majority of my gear online. The only thing I really buy in a store are my boots, or emergency items like if something broke while skiing and needed immediate replacement to continue skiing. Skis are always bought online as you can save hundreds on the same skis buying them online. As an Amazon prime member if I order clothing of the wrong size I can return it for free, hell I often buy 2 sizes and just send back the one that doesn't fit right. Boots are different because I always need to ski a day then have the boots worked on to fit correctly.

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    Home Depot! Duct tape works great.... lol Actually, I don't buy a lot of ski stuff, same jacket, pants, socks, gloves, thermals, etc for years. I did pick up a spring jacket last year at a ski shop - paid a small fortune for it, but was way to hot to ski in the winter one.

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    Black Dog Sports in Killington for skis, jackets and pants.

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    Usually online -- the House, Backcountry, places like that. My snowboard needs are fairly basic, and I've never had a problem finding a good all mountain board of the right size. I did once get some good bindings at Pinnacle Snowboard Shop when my old binding gave out.

    Ms. Shwilly has gotten a couple deals on skis at the mountain over the years.

    We got the kids' and my skis at a local shop until the owner passed away and they closed, sadly. Not sure what we'll do for their boots this year.

    For goggles and gloves, we try to buy online, but if we're on mountain and something gives out or gets lost, we'll bite the bullet and go to the shop.

    We favor a ski shop for ski boots because their fit is so finicky and they so frequently need adjustments.

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    Don't have a ton of gear but usually I'll check the local shops and if their prices are competitive I'll buy it there.

    Powder7.com has pretty good deals on late model skis though.
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    No local shops near me and when I am in ski country I really don't want to use my time shopping.

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    I split pretty much 50/50. Most of the time, skis and bindings online but I have bought skis at SR sports occasionally when they have a good deal. Poles are 50/50, basic aluminum ones are usually just as cheap at a shop. Boots always at SR sports til now, but Greg is going over to My. Abrahm so will likely go over there (at the very least for fittings. May buy models online if their selection is low but he will be doing the custom work).
    Clothing I used a mix as well, pants online and jackets often up at Ski and Snowboard Liquidators in North Conway. Great prices there and normally a good selection, and being able to try them before I buy is nice.

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    I do a mix also. Sometimes, brick and mortar deals are the best available at that moment.

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    Probably 90% local shops in the Mount Snow area, mainly First Trax Sports Shop though, with some online purchases for some race gear for my kids and occasional soft goods/outwear

    If the price is in the ballpark compared to online, then for me atleast, paying a little extra for the customer service and hands on buying experience is worth it. Secondly as a small business owner myself, I want to help support other local small businesses as well
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    Will frequently try items on for fit in local stores, but often end up buying online. Otherwise, REI, NSP, Outdoor Gear Exchange...
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