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    I took them to the shop today so I will see what happens. I know these skis are not beginners ( I am not exactly a beginner so to speak) but I wanted to get to carving plus I already have them. They haven't been used much ( maybe one time) and were stored properly, even the grease looked fresh and not dried out, almost no rust on the edges and there were no marks on the base. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their thoughts with me. If anything is to get upgraded quickly, it will probably be the boots.

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    If the bindings on these skis are considered non-serviceable. I am going the rental route for this season.

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    UPDATE: The bindings no longer were on the approved list so I ended up getting seasonal rentals for boots and skis. I am looking forward to the new experience. All that is left for me to do is book me some ski lessons. I figure if I can snowboard I can learn to ski, even at 67.

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    If this works out,
    I guess I will need to update my user name .. OldsnowboardskierME

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    Good for you and have fun - let us know how things work out with the lessons.

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