New resort group forming?


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    New resort group forming?

    Interesting new combination:

    So Ragged, Wisp, Wintergreen WV and Powderhorn are under the same management, if not ownership. Not sure where it all leads because there's nothing here that could be considered a flagship resort. Of course, flagship resorts are real hard to come by. In CO and UT, they're all under the control of Vail or Ikon/Aspen. Maybe Snowbasin is the biggest independent out there which is in a good location (close to airports and cities).

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    Interesting. Snowbasin is not independent, owned by same family as Sun Valley. Doubt they are going into any conglomerate anytime soon.

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    Yeah, Snowbasin and Sun Valley both owned by billionaire family (Sinclair Oil, Little America, etc.). They're not in a hurry to combine with anybody.

    There are two biggish non-affiliated resorts groups: Peak Resorts in the east and the group that controls Purgatory/AZ Snowbowl/Pajarito... in the southwest. I see more combinations in the future, but, dang, all the good places are already locked up in one way or another.

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    Whatever it takes to keep powderhorn spinning the lifts works for me. Even the front range people don't even touch that place. I've had some wicked good powder days there and its a super underrated low key hill that's near and dear to me.

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    Wintergreen is one of those resorts with tremendous untapped potential. They own all the land down to the bottom of the valley and if they expanded their skiing operations they could be over 2k vertical. I think I've read that the snowmaking water is what hurts them the most.

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    Everybody's doing it, Wisconsin/Michigan operator buys Ontario resort:

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