Its snowing!!!!!!


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    Its snowing!!!!!!

    Oh happy day!

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    Yup. About 8" here in NW Jersey.

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    Starting to pile up a bit in Northeast CT!! MVIMG_20181115_212011786.jpg

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    LOL. Awesome pic. We picked up almost five inches.....

    almost totally melted this morning. Lol. Sure was pretty though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drjeff View Post
    Starting to pile up a bit in Northeast CT!! MVIMG_20181115_212011786.jpg

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    LOL! That's great Jeff!

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    Pukin' fluff here in the shadow of JP

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    Pa was a complete Shit Show ...worst I've ever seen . No pre treatment of roads or salt during the storm . Clue less people all over the place ,I've never seen such a joint display of Government and general public incompetence . It should be mandatory that anyone who seeks to drive has to take a winter driving course !!!!!

    #1 Roads have a crown !! If you slam on the brakes while on ice you will slide into the shoulder .
    #2 Maintain your FFFFF ing momentum while going up a hill . DO NOT STOP and expect to be able to continue.

    I left work after lunch and not seeing any pre-treat or salt ANYWHERE! .....Defroster motor quit ....thankfully had enough fluid to make it almost home . Passed a lot of people who were dumb enough to stop on hills . Some one in an BMW Suv slowed almost to a stop while passing someone in a ditch ,killing my momentum enough to get me stuck , I manged to regain momentum after fishtailing for 50yds . Ironically I ordered chains a few weeks ago and the order was delayed LOL. I was not able to make it home , parked and walked a mile ...I feel lucky . People were stuck on Interstate 78 all night.......

    Ended up with close to 10" with sleet and freezing rain mixed in .
    Groundhog day lets go skiing !

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    The local news was out this AM in the weather mobile looking for bad roads. They had a reporter out somewhere showing how heavy the snow was. I know it's an early snow; but certainly not the first November snowstorm I've seen.

    Seems we used to take these events in stride. Now everyone panics, wipes out the grocery store and still manages in a ditch or spun out because they're rocking summer performance tires on their AWD vehicle.

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    I left the valley just after 4:00 and it was gridlock everywhere. A few people at work had 4 hours+ rides home and they only live ten miles away.

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    I saw this coming a mile away and left work at 1:30.

    1) Winter Storm. Check.
    2) Storm way over-performs meteorologists warning. Check.
    3) Road crews not really prepared yet because it's the first storm. Check.
    4) Nobody has their snow tires on yet. Check.
    5) People habitually freak-the-hell out during winter's first snow. Check.

    Recipe for disaster, and I got the hell out of there.

    I've heard many nightmare stories of 5 to 7 hour drives home on trips that are normally 40 minutes to an hour.
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