I gotta say, if you were considering maybe coming skiing, you could do a lot worse than to come to the River. Some 2 weeks ago, we got 10-12 inches of heavy wet stuff, followed by 3 hours of rain then freezing temps. Instant base across the mountain, in the trees on the trails, everywhere. Followed up by a few smaller snowstorms and it is pretty good what Mother Nature is giving.

Add to it that Sunday River is putting their best foot forward this year with snowmaking. A new pipe line from the pond, additional pump capacity, and today, they worked on or changed the pump out at the pond before firing up the guns a little after noon time. That and paying their snowmakers $20.00 per hour, they are putting their best foot forward with a full crew to erase the memory of last year's shortcomings.

46 trails open today. Top gun is open, Last Tango, upper cut, most of Goat path, Wildfire, the usual groomers, Ecstasy, Punch, Escapade, Right Stuff, Tourist trap, Lazy River. They are only running the Barker quad and Chondie mid week, more coming for the weekend, including Aurora and Spruce!!!

The coverage in the woods (Last Tango) is such I didn't hit any rocks, though you do have to pick and choose your paths. It is a blast right now, and it is only November 20th!