Mount Snow - 11/24/2018


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    Camera Mount Snow - 11/24/2018

    Date: 11/24/2018

    Mount Sneaux, Dover VT

    Conditions: Packed Powder, hard pack...

    Report: Made it up to Snow today, to get some post Turkey Day turns in. All in all a good day out on the mountain, although very crowded. Managed to get on the hill early, and the first few runs were ski on, as long as you used the grand summit express. However, by the 4th run, the place was packed, and the singles line was not moving either. Ended up heading over to north face for a couple of runs, and then back down to the base for an early liquid lunch. By noon, the lines thinned out a bit. Was able to get in a few more runs, until I called it a day - since the crowds were just insane. Here are some photos:

    North Face:


    Crazy crowds:

    View from the summit:

    Great conditions:

    The Ridge Trail:

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    After I got back from Killington today, who had a HUGE crowd for the women's World Cup GS today (see pic attached, which per Michaela Shriffrin's Instagram page the crowd was estimated at a record 18500, and I believe it, and the pre race F-16 flyover was COOL!!), a Mount Snow employee in line in front of me at Snow's Mountain Market told the cashier that it was a "record" crowd today! And at the party I was at at a friend's townhome tonight with multiple people, including instructors, who skied Mount Snow today, they said it was CROWDED and that at one point late morning they had a 45 minute wait for the Bluebird!!

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    The new system of corrals SUCKS. I hate it on many levels, it really blows at least so far, looks like the new system didn't help much today either.

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    I started at Carinthia for a few runs, then to the main face (only to get on the lift to the summit since Canyon chair wasn't running yet), then over to North Face. Used the singles line exclusively and the only real wait I had was at the bluebird - about 20-25 minutes. And that was at prime time 11AM. Otherwise, singles line moved really quickly at all the other lifts, no complaints. Conditions were great for this time of year. Amazed to see people skiing in the November! Thou thin in spots, enjoyed some bumps down Challenger. Whales on Chute were also fun. Ones on Plummet were still pretty firm.

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    Was there yesterday as well (first time for me) and an awesome day overall. Free Fall was perfect first thing in the morning, enough coverage to have no problem getting edges in, but still fast and fun. Whales on Snowdance were fun and mostly untouched when Canyon opened around 11am. Overall great conditions everywhere throughout the day, but I would call those the top two of the day.

    Despite the crowds, I never waited more than 10 minutes (singles lines all day) and only thought that the Bullwheel was too crowded. The morning conditions were awesome, and while the conditions and weather changed quickly in the afternoon, I ain't complaining.

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    Conditions look good!

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    Same thing as Stowe..early chair, pretty empty then the crowds showed up. Then got skied off and the crashing started. Not a bad day

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