Bolton Valley question


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    Bolton Valley question

    Never been to BV. Thinking about possibly heading there this Sat.

    Are they generally aggressive in opening terrain ?

    I am assuming with 72" of snow this month they could open alot of terrain. Are they the type of place that will err on the side of caution or the type of place that will just put experts only signs up and let you have at it?

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    I'm in Burlington Saturday and looking to get out in the rain somewhere Sunday. Was originally thinking Sugarbush, but have also never been to BV and really want to get a day in there (primarily based off the raving praise Tuna has for the place).

    Last weekend they opened early, but had very little open (just the Mid-Mountain double). Hoping they get at least one of their peaks open this weekend. Not sure if staffing or maintenance is preventing them though rather than snow/a conservative trail opening policy.

    Anyone go last weekend/have any Intel?
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    Bolton. Be interesting to see how this plays out

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