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    Quote Originally Posted by ghughes20 View Post
    Most asshole's don't intend to be asshole, they're just oblivious to the things that piss other people off.

    An injury can teach a quick lesson about consequences, and most people mellow as they get older.

    An out of control snow boarder once crashed into me while I was stopped at the side of the trail. After hitting me, he went airborne and nearly hit my 8 year son in the head. Dad wasn't very mellow that day and my son learned some new words. The boarder was apologetic and no-one was hurt. In fact, I was almost disappointed he apologized. He really took the wind out of my sails. Out of control skiers/boarders are dangerous, and out of control dads can be a problem too .

    Pre-injury, I'm sure Blue was convinced he never skied out of control. The fence proved otherwise.
    Oh, I still think he is an asshole!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jully View Post
    Calling him a boy really does elicit an image of youthful recklessness when in reality this is a grown man acting like a 13 year old or a sociopath lol.
    agreed. He needs professional help.

    I would guess he is in his 40's. Loser all around. Understand he works for his Daddy. I have been buzzed by him, as have a great deal of others. He was spoken to years ago by the mountain after they received numerous complaints about him.

    i have seen him from the lift this season, still skiing too fast for the limited amount of terrain open and the crowds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catskillman View Post
    He did. Skiing in his usual manner, fast and too close to others inentionally and lost control and hit a fence. At the time of the accident he skied by a friend, that he could have hurt badly, tapped him on the shoulder, lost control etc........

    Used to snowmobile with some guys who did the same kind of thing. Ripping past people on the trail at 100+ mph. Didn't matter if it was large groups out cruising, guided tours, etc. Sadly, it ended up way worse than Blue Boys broken leg.

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    Quote Originally Posted by catskillman View Post
    He needs professional help.

    I would guess he is in his 40's. Loser all around. Understand he works for his Daddy.
    The man-child behaviour's starting to come into focus.
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    I just dropped in to post in what may end up being an epic old school thread.

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    Seems like he should be a weekday skier. Go as fast as you want, trails are empty, that's what I do.

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