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    copyright material

    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    Id actually wondered last week where a Smuggs photo had come from on the AZ Instagram account.

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    I am Just surprised to see AZ has an active Facebook account.

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    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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    I run the IG site. I'm using it to try and bring in some new members.

    I actually wrote to Ember photo on this before posting it - It was originally posted by Vt Ski and Ride on their site and I gave them credit, and then VT SKi and Ride wrote me back saying it was Ember Photo. If you see the IG post (same thing), it gives credit to Ember Photo. He and I are talking now. Normally when we share content, we ask permission and then it gets granted. This was an oops on my part because i posted thinking it was from a different account originally and misundrestood the message from Vt Ski and Ride.
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