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    I recommend carrying your gear into the lodge in a Burton Logo bag, and see how many stares you get until pulling your ski boots out.
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    The bottom of the single chair run has mandatory air..but there is a bail out before it. I hired a guy for 1/2 a day to show me around. it's a tough place but a must do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by urungus View Post
    So I think I am ready for my first trip to Mad River Glen. I am excited to visit this historic place but also a little nervous about the difficulty level given how they are always bragging about how hard it is. I am able to ski most runs at Magic but not Red Line, Black Magic or Magician, and the last cliff at the bottom of Black Line is a challenge. What are the least difficult blacks off the single and double chairs at MRG and how would they compare to Magic? Which runs have cliffs, would like to avoid those at least to start. Also do they still have free hosted mountain tours on weekends ?
    Antelope top to bottom is a great run. If you like bumps, go Catmount>antelope>lower antelope and if you like mellow, low angle trees, finish with Marteen at the end....but that means you skip some of lower antelope, which is a great trail....But this is a great run off the single that isn't too crazy. If you really want to keep it mellow, skip lower antelope, and go antelop>braodway>bunny . But lower antelope is not crazy just a classic twisty NE trail.

    Chute you will see from the single and make your own mind up real mandatory air or anything Just a steep cliff strewn kind of thing...

    Lnyx >beaver is one of my favorite trails. Glades, steep, but not crazy, twists and turns...awesome stuff.

    Fall line is a great, pretty steep bump trail - again, no mandatory air, but an perfect NE trail...

    Paradise - don't let the waterfall scare you. It's one jump turn. and someone told me there is a way around it. Skiers right I think? never did it, but I'm sure there is....couple of other waterfall/cliffs, but again, they are like a short slide or a hop turn....and if the snow is good, it's so worth it. Beautiful, peaceful place to be.

    Heck, this is just the marked stuff off the single! So much more's a great place.

    FYI - it's my families favorite mountain, and that includes my wife who is an intermediate skier who hates steeps. There is plenty off both chairs for everyone.

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    Get there early and get a close parking spot.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    My first time ever there was this past Wednesday. Simply fantastic. So much variety no matter what type of terrain you want to ski. Plenty to ski for all ability levels. And so much more that I didn't get a chance to ski.

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