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    Quote Originally Posted by benski View Post
    The backside map for Sugarloaf, is worthless. They might as well just leave that inset off the map.

    If you want South facing Mt. Snow has the Sunbrook area with a few trails and a lift, and Stratton has a big south facing area. Also Mont Tremblant is south facing.

    Haha, I am glad I was not the only one who thought the trail map was unclear.

    Thanks to everyone for the tips on south-facing ski areas. I've wanted to visit Mont Tremblant, so that is another reason to make it happen.

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    Having skied hundreds of days at the Loaf, I'd say the backside is officially opened maybe 10% of the time on a very good year. It is a cool experience, and quite fun when the conditions are good. Personally, I think its a bit over hyped, and a lot of "effort" (two lift rides, short hike, and a narrow short but typically bad traverse to get back to top of King Pine in Hard Tack). The initial drop in at the tower can sometimes be hazardous with lots of rocks to navigate, however avoidable with a little more hiking to a lower drop in. From there the "trail" is fairly mellow until you get to a super steep section where it feels like you could fall off the face of the earth with maybe 4 basic lines down the pitch (nothing marked up there). That short pitch is over in about 10 but IMHO a bit too short.

    A few years back the Loaf officially put some "new" backside trails on the map (which the Locals have been skiing for years): Awesome, Ball & Chain, Hell's Gate. I have no experience on skiing these trail. These trails are officially open much less of the time as they need much more snow, and may have a cliff drop or two that can get skied off rather quickly. If you do ski these trails, you will get dumped into Bracket Basin (vs coming out at the top of King Pine lift). If you end up traversing over in Brackett, you can get a get look at some of these new "trails" on the backside.

    As someone else stated, it would probably be wise to check in with Patrol if you are planning to try out these new backside trails. The entire Sugarloaf boundary is roped off so no need to worry about getting "lost"....however you can very easily get yourself into trouble on the aforementioned trails, and you could spent a lot of time wondering aimlessly in Brackett if you don't have some sense of where you are going. Also, technically the backside is East facing.

    Enjoy....My Advice: Front side snowfields are way better (Bubblecuffer Extension).

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    DHS has correctly described the backside experience. I have been fortunate enough to get a couple laps over the years. As you hit the bottom of the skiable terrain, a cat track bings you around the eastern hip of the mountain. As noted you can jump into to Bracket Basin or keep going to bring you to the top of King Pine lift. As noted, it takes a ton of snow to make it skiable. This usually does not happen until March or early April with the help of a juicy storm or two and favorable winds. From the radio tower, the westernmost boundary is not super steep, but the further east you go, the steeper it gets. As others have noted, respect the boundary. If you cross boundary rope and truly start down the backside you will need to be rescued.

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    I've only skied the Snowfields a few times, but yes, they end in an obvious traverse that brings you around to the top of King Pine.

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