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    I hope you allow me to call playing on the snow as Other Outdoor Sports, but couldnt find a better place to post.
    We are taking our little kids (3yr11 twins) to see the snow for the first time. When I was a child and lived on the cold we had
    home made sleds of the sort and used it anywhere, including pathways. It was fun!
    I dont want to bother people (or risk my youngsters) on ski resort lifts and tracks, just wanted some cliffs to run down and a sled or similar. Is this possible in Southern Vermont? Or Albany area? Can I rent kids sleds?
    Sorry for the newbie question, but all I can find is tubbing, very expensive and only for 2hrs!

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    If you ever head up to Sugarloaf and have your desired sled(s) along...
    Just outside of Kingfield, southside, there is a nice medium size hill beginning just off sled rentals around that I know of...but from the side of the road it is a nice smooth drop and runout across a huge field...
    EDIT: Yep, it is indeed the Kingfield Golf Course...
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    Why not bring them snow tubing? I know you said you didn't want the ski area hassle but a dedicated snow tubing area is probably the safest and most fun option. And it's a dedicated tube sliding area. Probably cheaper than trying to rent a sled too (not even sure that's an option).

    Unless you meant tubing when you typed "tubbing" in which case never mind.

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    Some ski resorts also have golf courses, this may fit what you are looking for. I like to throw on some snowshoes and take the dog for a walk on the golf course at Killington. If you have a large dog you can have it pull the kids on the sled across the golf course.

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    I never experienced snow. I lived on tropical country and we never have winter season unlike other countries. I envy of those who have experienced snow.

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