Holiday Week Blues


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    Holiday Week Blues

    So far it's not looking like a great holiday weather week. Great Lakes runner this Fri/Sat and the chance for another post X-mas but maybe a New Years storm, a big one. It's not quite there yet but I like the way it's been trending especially the latest GFS. Regardless, still to far out to say for sure but you can always hope.

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    Looks like it may cool down after the Friday/early Saturday "event". At least the snow making ponds will be full.

    Wondering if the early season snow and cold temps helped with the Christmas week bookings.

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    We’ve had a couple of poorly timed heavy rains on the last two Fridays. Many mid-Atlantic ski areas are struggling to get open. I haven’t been out skiing yet Trying to keep up other fitness activities. Wash DC area recently broke all-time record for annual rainfall. If the heavy moisture pattern continues and we get some colder temps things could get better, but until then it will be a:

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    Another thaw /rain / refreeze on 12/28 too? I better bring an extra bottle of bourbon next week

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