Take your kids out of school for a powder day?


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    Take your kids out of school for a powder day?

    While we all wait for the mtns to recover from this last event, I thought I would throw this out. For the Moms and Dads out there, Would you take your kids out of school for a powder day? My feeling is its ok as long as they haven't missed much school and the grades are good. Spending a midweek powder day with your child is something special. Anyway your thoughts...

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    I have done it in the past.
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    Pull em out, life’s too short make some memories, mid week is the best to because of minimal crowds

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    Heck yes!

    My kids main teacher is a skier and totally gets it. I’m taking her out next month for probably 3 days in a row. I got a buddy who took his kids out for 5 weeks last season to ski in BC.

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    Absolutely! Great bonding time.

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    No hesitation....yes!

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    Yes, midweek on a perfect blue bird day is the best ever! Missing a few days of school means nothing over a lifetime, same for work!

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    This might not be the best site to get an unbiased opinion. Pretty sure most of us here think that's a silly question. Best to take off the day ahead of storm, so there is no traveling issues, and the day after in case there are wind issues on the first power day.

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    My wife is a 2nd grade teacher, and would definitely have a contrary opinion on this. One day probably isnt horrific, but I do know it annoys her when parents take a kid out of school for an entire week to go to Disney or something. Rarely, though it has happened a few times, she's had parents keep a kid out for a 2 week vacation. That clearly sends an improper message, not to mention sets them behind the rest of the class.
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    Depends on the parents and how much time they invest in their children's learning outside of school . There are probably kids from families that take considerable time away from school that advance just as well as other kids with 180 day attendance.

    There are over a million kids in this country that are home schooled. Plenty of them go on to having a successful adulthood. The standard primary school, regimented program isn't the only way to raise a child.

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