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    Hunter 12/29,30

    Ill just talk about the new North side as we all know how Hunter is on any given day. I think once its all open it will transform the place into a very good alternative to S VT.
    But they really have to change that blue to black on Overlook. Saturday was better than expected as it wasnt an icy mess and not very crowded. We lapped overlook and Wayout many times and just imagined how good it will all be when fully open.
    Sunday was another story. Very crowded and the area turned into a shitshow. Hundreds of people coming down towards overlook which was bumped up and icy. I have never seen such chaos. Yard sales and collisions everywhere. Ski patrol was very busy.
    We had a good time though..just lots if obsacles to avoid.
    Too bad wayout was closed which made everyone go down overlook. 6 laps of that and we then hit the rest of the mountain. One run down an icy Clairs was enough. Hellgate was nicly variable.
    All together a very good 2 days considering the rain on Friday.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    And here we go
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    Frozen granular?

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    I didn't take a pic of the run as I didn't feel like stopping and becoming a stationary target.
    Frozen granular?

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    That was Sunday. Wayout was closed, which made it much worse! Still interesting to say the least!

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrec10 View Post
    That was Sunday. Wayout was closed, which made it much worse! Still interesting to say the least!
    that looks like a huge mistake.

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    Yup, with Wayout closed everyone went down OL...

    Frozen granular?

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