Snow was plenty firm but groomed nicely with very few icy spots. Most of the of the non-glade trails were open. Every thing opened was groomed. Exhibition to Birches was the run of the day. Also liked uppercut and lower crewcut. Good to see that they are putting some effort into these trails. Disappointed that one of my personal favorites Flying Yankee wasnít open and wonít be for a while without some serious natural snow or a boatload of snowmaking.

Quite brisk with temps in the low teens and a strong breeze. Snowmaking on exhibition made the ride on the six pack a lift extra chilly. Virtually no one there as is common during the week there.

New RFID ticket equipment was working no problem but I hope they have some lifties playing traffic cop when itís busy on the weekend or it could be a real clown show.

Not sure what to make of the new traffic pattern in the parking lot. I suspect that what they have now wonít be the final version.