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Le Massif is awesome.

The 'Sectors' are really, really nice. You can link a few together with a little hiking in teh middle and have about 2000' vert. feet of glade skiing....

Of the lift served glades, I liked skiers left of '42' the best. The ones in teh middle under the gondi line are nice as well.

If you like good beer, bring a cooler.

really special place...I heard the town north of LM is really fun - forget teh name of it now. But it means more driving....
That would be the town I mentioned Baie St. Paul. It's an easy drive from Le Massif. There's a micro brewery there that had some good beer. One thing about the language, that far north, English is not spoken very much, even though almost everyone can speak it. Don't just start yapping English with the locals, at least say Bon Jour and at least ask if they speak English. How would like some one from Mexico coming to your town and start speaking in Spanish to you as if it's your first language? If you stay in Quebec City, you'll have a lot more driving to do to get to skiing, especially Le Massif, but it can be done as a day trip. By the time you got out of Quebec City and to Le Massif, about 1 1/2 hours. You could stay in Quebec city your first night, ski Mont Ste. Anne the next day, stay there the 2nd night or in Baie St Paul and then ski Le Massif your third day. If you can ski a fourth day, it would really be worth it.