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    I usually put my phone in a ziploc bag and a throw a hand warmer in the pocket with it, usually no issues unless it’s super cold

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    I do not know why some of you are hating on the iPhone. I am an IT manager where I work, and am responsible for our corporate cell phones. We use both iPhone and Androids, I find that IOS/iPhone is easier to set up, easier to manage, and the quality of the same app is better on iPhone vs Android. icloud is far superior than anything available in the Android world when it comes to backing up the phone and restoring it. iPhone also holds it value better in regards to trade in. As far as battery life, while the iPhone is not perfect, it’s not terrible either, I get around it by using a mophie type case. I do find that Android is more flexible and customizable than IOS but that comes at a cost, it also crashes more.

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    I did a factory reset a few weeks ago on my S6. MUCH better battery life since then.

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    I just keep mine plugged into one of those portable USB battery chargers when skiing. No issues even this weekend in sub-zero temps. Phone is in my front jacket pocket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdskier View Post
    I just keep mine plugged into one of those portable USB battery chargers when skiing. No issues even this weekend in sub-zero temps. Phone is in my front jacket pocket.
    I did this with my old 5 but my newer phone I haven't needed to
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    Keeping phone warm in the cold

    I keep my phone in a cotton glove in my chest pocket. I think I wouldn’t be able to run ski tracks on a warm day without my phone shutting down before the day is over. It’s the main reason I went with the Garmin watch so I can keep my phone alive for music. So far the watch has been great. I have the vivoactive HR

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    Just turn the damn thing off and enjoy skiing with out worrying about a phone attached to your ear. Turn off your music while skiing too.

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    1) Cell phones battery degrades as they age.

    So, older phones don't last half as long as new ones on each charge. That's not an iPhone thing. I've been an Android user for many years before taking the plunge to iPhone. I see the SAME behavior trend in both.

    That said, I found Apple apps works better on average, so I tend to use them more, which drains battery more than my old Android phones. Basically, the Android apps were so unappealing I never use them, hence battery last longer. (kind of like my Mom's phone, she doesn't use it much at all, so the battery last for days. Haha!)

    2) ALL batteries lose their efficiency in the cold.

    It helps by keeping it warm by putting it in an inside pocket. I put mine next to my heart. It last as good as in the office! But it's a hassle to reach for pictures or calls. So if I'm expected to meet up with people on mountain, I keep the phone on the outer pocket of my jacket. Well, the battery dies before the end of the day. But no big surprise there.

    3) Spare battery!

    Those USB battery are cheap and small. No reason to worry about running out of juice.

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    I had a Droid Moto Z Force and the battery was horrible in the cold, would be ok to just below 50% and then just die. Switched to a Google Pixel 3, zero cold issues.

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    Battery life is one of the main "hard" measures of a phone's performance. If one brand of phone consistently had significantly and measurably worse battery life than it's direct competitors, then that brand wouldn't remain competitive for very long.

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