Solitude 1/13/19


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    Solitude 1/13/19

    Figured I'd wake this subforum back up because it's been 9 months since it's been posted in.

    Departed home around 3:30am, flight departed Logan shourtly after 6 and landed around 9:30MT. Got my bag and rental car very quickly and I was at Solitude shortly after 10:30. Parking lot was full so had to park out on the road which wasn't too long of a walk because they have the world's smallest parking lot (does it even park as many cars as MRG?).

    Nice sunny day in the 30s brought out the crowds but my first lift ride on Moonbeam was the only line I waited in and it was only a few minutes. Decided to head straight to Honeycomb and after 3 lift rides I finally arrived. Traversed along the wall for a bit and dropped in. Nothing special going from either have to traverse way out or actually hike up and do it from the top. Otherwise the best runs are from the ridge off the summit or just right off Powderhorn. South facing stuff is baked pretty good and hard to ski. Actually found some sick powder shots in Here Be Dragons but you had to get by a really bony area at the top.

    Headwall Forest was decent...had some nice sections and others were a bit thin. Otherwise, I can't even really remember anything interesting from the day. I feel like I'd love the place on a powder day because of it's openness but with the warm sunny weather the openness just made the snow very tough to ski other than the due north facing slopes.

    The trail from Apex to the Summit lift reminded be of the Links at Cannon or Downspout at Sugarbush by the end of the day . Otherwise...honestly it's a pain in the ass to ski good stuff there. You have to hike for most of it and then take 2-3 lifts to get back to where you want to be. It's pretty small also...same vertical as Burke or MRG but you have to take 3 lifts to actually ski it all. Otherwise...wasn't very impressed but like I said it'd be great with some powder. Seems like it's lost it's reputation as an uncrowded area.

    Off to Snowbird tomorrow!
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    Snowbird will be a lot better. Good stuff still in Bookends, Road to Provo, and northern aspects.

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    Awesome! Up early and on the slopes!


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