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    Thank god for gondolas.
    Frozen granular?

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    Ironically, the coldest I've ever skied is at Vail. It was January 4-5 years ago, and they had a cold spell. You don't think of Colorado skiing being extreme cold, but because much of the skiing at Vail is above 10,000 feet, it can be bone-chilling if they are getting a cold snap.

    Probably preaching to the choir, but in the cold I have found that layering is everything. I'd rather be kept by 5 lighter layers than 2 heavy layers. Thermal and base layers are not always the some, often there is a need for both.

    The other thing I have grown to love is the long wool neck gaiter. Not one of those small cotton ones. A longer one that is thick at the bottom but thinner at the top can be a real gamechanger.

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    -25 with -60 windchill. 2 in my crew got frostbite. One on the toe and another on his nose because he didnt bother to wear a facemask he was so core. Of course he got it on his nose a couple runs in when we all noticed it was white.

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    -40 @ tremblant. learned that both C/F meet at -40. ha.

    the tears/contacts in my eyes kept freezing up so i quit after one run and started drinking irish coffee. and yes i had the goggles on.

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    -30f w/ windchill at Smuggs this past MLK day, caught the last chair before they decided to close all lifts goggles on instafreeze, skis sticking to the snow, shit was brutal especially as that was immediately after driving 6.5 hrs up there, rest of the week was titty sprinkles though

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    Coldest you have ever skied?

    -33 at Cannon. Since in Colorado our lowest has been about 5 degrees

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    Quote Originally Posted by uphillklimber View Post
    We should bear in mind that if they open in cold weather, guests go in and out at their whim. The on mountain employees don't have that choice if they are open.
    Correct. With over 30 years of draggin' people off the mt, I will agree that the resorts themselves are a LOT more cautious for their employees and guests now compared to 25 years ago.

    Modern better clothing and gear helps more than what most realize. Fleece, GoreTex, Masks, Hand warmers have all come a long way.
    Of course nothing beats 20 year old Elk skin gloves w/ wool liners !

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    Was coaching a Super G race at Whiteface many years ago. Not sure what the outside temp was but my watch literally froze and stopped working. Temp in the heated Women's DH Start building was +6F

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    Coldest was -15 at Killington with wind gusts up to 52 mph at the summit, for a wind chill of -52. I had an express pass that year and actually ended up skiing for free because my pass never got scanned by a lifty. Of course I more than made up for it with numerous trips to the bar for warm beverages.

    Couple days this year were close to that...MLK day at Sugarbush was -9 at the base with a stiff breeze. Skied a few runs off Valley House (only lift open) which actually weren't all that uncomfortable but I couldn't keep my goggles from freezing over so I had to keep going in. Also was at Sugarloaf the day the cell tower got bent over by 140+ mph winds and the temp below zero, although a back injury on the first run of the day helped me avoid most of that chaos.

    Back in the middle school days of hanging out at Wachusett all night, the lowest I ever skied was -18 but without much wind. And of course at that age you're invincible so I think I actually got a few runs in that night.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WoodCore View Post
    Was coaching a Super G race at Whiteface many years ago. Not sure what the outside temp was but my watch literally froze and stopped working. Temp in the heated Women's DH Start building was +6F
    I think my Son raced at Gore with those same temps. It was soo cold, they held them in the Saddle lodge, until right before their SG run. About 10-11 years ago.

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