Frontier to Start Direct Flights from BTV to DEN


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    Frontier to Start Direct Flights from BTV to DEN

    Three days a week starting in May.

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    They're going after New England IKON and EpicPass holders who want to also use their passes for a week out west - next year.

    Frontier is barebones. A couple years ago I took a ten day ski trip to Utah on Frontier. Had my skis and a few rudimentary clothing items already out there at son’s place. Out of cheapness and a determination to avoid annoying baggage fees I took nothing on the plane but a medium size backpack as my one free “item” (supposed to be no larger than 14” tall, 8” wide, and 18” long). My ski boots took up 75% of the backpack. I wore my ski jacket and some ski pants and carried my helmet in my hand. This might have been the time I saw you at Snowbird and I was wearing a Univ of VA hoodie that day for lack of a lightweight jacket.
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    United will be offering a once a week BTV-DEN flight as well.

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