Salvaged my Denver trip with a powder day at Winter Park today. There was about 6" of fresh dry powder when we hit the slopes in the morning. And the crowd was small since it's a Tuesday, so the powder lasted most of the day. The upper mountain seemed to have gotten even more since some of the trails were nicely buried. It was my first time at Winter Park, and I'm pretty impressed with the place. Lots of nice glades and different terrain options. Some of the lifts are kind of slow, but it wasn't a big problem.

I had some fun runs in the Parsenn bowl, with deep powder in the trees there. I also liked most of the trails off the Sunnyside lift. In the afternoon when my legs were getting tired, I hit some mellow glades that run all along the side of the High Lonesome Express lift. Nice medium pitch and endless lines that felt like about a mile long glade. Pretty cool.

Temps were on the chilly side in the low teens and dropping through the day. Didn't really feel it much since I was skiing hard, but noticed my nose and fingers getting unusually cold sometimes and they would tingle when I'd warm them back up. Probably could have gotten frostbite on a day like this if you weren't careful.

Here are a few pics:


Does this look familiar? Same tunnel design as they used at Killington, but with nicer brickwork.

Heard and then spotted a couple of wood peckers at work in the Parsenn bowl. Any bird experts know the name of this bird?

Nice and deep in the glades. What a difference compared to the sucky skied out glades I got at Copper yesterday. Just thick pillows of powder and my Ripsticks floated like champs in it.