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    VT...not a cheap place...
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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    NH or ADKs works too. One day.

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    But VT has the best damn beer!!! and cheese...
    Frozen granular?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski the Moguls View Post
    All this talk of heading west has me thinking of a trip to Snowbird for myself. Anyone have experience between Iron Blossom, The Lodge, and The Cliff hotel rooms? Just book the cheapest, or is one preferable?
    Just go with cheapest. All pretty similar with good access to slopes. Budget seekers stay 20 minutes away in suburban SLC at chain motels for $100 or less per night. Renting a 4wd is good if you're sharing costs, but I've often got by with economy car if trying to save. Then there is public bus option when it snows, but that can be crowded on pow days. It's good to stay up LCC if you're on a rare vacation to avoid hassles.

    I’ve done a lot of ski travel over the decades, but much of it was by automobile, including numerous cross-country drives. I’m not as experienced at flying and never held a job where I flew much.
    Since 2016 I’ve gotten more flying experience, specifically because I’ve flown from Wash DC to SLC about 8 times. Although it might have been worthwhile, I don’t do frequent flyer miles because, as mentioned, I rarely flew for any other reasons during that time (or before).
    I used Kayak-type sites or airline sites to find my fares and I would sometimes buy tickets months in advance. Other times I’d buy a fare just 2 or 3 weeks in advance (and pay more for that tardiness/spontaneity). My rdtrp fares from Wash DC to SLC usually ranged from $200-300. Highest might have been about 350. Lowest was $138 rdtrp in May 2018 when I went out to help son paint his house exterior. I flew a variety of airlines such as Delta, SWA, Frontier; generally whatever was lowest for specific dates. Delta usually cost a bit more, but I found them more user-friendly with better chance for non-stops, and they had some convenient flight times on my route that allowed for last-day skiing. My wife and I once in 2017 took voluntarily bumps on an afternoon flight out of SLC when Delta paid us $800 each (in future flight credits) to switch from a 5pm to a 9pm (redeye) flight. Another time I took a voluntary bump in similar scenario by myself when Delta paid me $700 in Am Ex gift card (good as cash). A third time I got involuntarily bumped when ice storm in Atlanta caused nationwide delays for Delta. They gave me a $150 future flight credit and some meal money for that delay, but I had to stay an extra day at son’s Utah house before flying home. I only work about 20-25 hrs per week the last four years, so I probably tolerate these travel/flight disruptions better than a lot of you, plus I have a free place to stay in Utah.
    PS: Best Utah storm cycle I ever caught was a week in Jan 2017 (81") on an airline ticket I bought three months in advance:
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    Delta has a picture of Sugarbush on there Facebook page now. Which brings the question, how many people are flying to ski Vermont? I know someone who did this. But only for a free place to stay in spite of not being able to stay awake his entire drive.

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    For Wash DC and points south taking a flight to VT is a serious consideration. I never did it in dozens of trips up there. I’m too cheap, and I always wanted my car to commute from my motel to the slopes once up there. I was usually on a family budget and not staying slopeside. Also, I tolerate long drives pretty well when sufficiently motivated. Sometimes air fares from DC to Manchester can be pretty good and driving from down here does entail an increasingly expensive gauntlet of highway tolls, so the flight/drive cost differential may be getting closer. However, my advice to most local friends about this is if getting into an airplane I recommend going west than north because of more consistent good ski conditions for minor additional cost.
    FYI from DC to Mt. Snow is approx. 8-9 hrs, to Stowe maybe 11 hrs in good driving conditions.

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    The cost comparison between drive vs fly need to include cost of rental cars at the destination.

    That's why we in this country almost ALWAYS drive to destination that's less than 5 hours away, and often even for drives that are 8 hrs or even 10 hrs away. The need for a rental car adds substantially to the equation when flying. e.g. you may get a $150 round trip flight from DC to Burlington. But add the rental car @$50/day, you're suddenly up to $300 for a weekend getaway!

    (Driving, you have your own car at the destination. Then, there's also the luggage cost. though that's not quite as high as the rental car.)

    I hate long drives. But once factor in the cost of rental car, I always ended up driving anywhere that's less than a day's drive away.

    It's only for destination that are far away, then flying makes a lot more sense.

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    If I lived where I had to fly just go get to VT (south of DC is probably where that limit begins) I would never fly to VT and exclusively fly west. If you have to deal with the hassle and expense either way why would you NOT go west unless you have family or friends in VT.
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    Jackson Hole: 2/10, 2/11, 2/12, 2/13, 2/14
    Sugarloaf 2/23, 2/24, 2/25; Waterville: 3/17
    Sugarbush: 3/8, 3/9 (w/MRG), 3/10

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zand View Post
    If I lived where I had to fly just go get to VT (south of DC is probably where that limit begins) I would never fly to VT and exclusively fly west. If you have to deal with the hassle and expense either way why would you NOT go west unless you have family or friends in VT.
    Pretty much everyone in America agrees.

    If you had the ability to compare auto/plane travel for east/west ski resorts they would likely be dramatically different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KustyTheKlown View Post
    NH or ADKs works too. One day.
    Is this where we tell him about the property taxes in New Hampshire?

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