Skied at Killington yesterday with my 14yo daughter. First, I have to say - love all the changes they made with the tunneling. Completely changes the feel and flow of the Mtn. Great job, I will be back for sure.

The not sot good: What is with all the pot heads smoking weed in the gondola? Literally all of them stunk. Hereís what really pissed me off. We are in line at the K1 gondola,... a group of 4 people get on one car. We follow over and proceed to try and load. Then this woman stands there almost blocking the entrance to the car. I ask her. If she was coming or going? Then all 4 people get off the car and start yelling at me because they want to smoke in the car. These were not young punks BTW - they were some older burnouts - late 50ís/ early 60ís. I was pretty pissed about the whole scene as it freaked my daughter out. I never got to to say it,... but if you have to start argument with the general public so you can smoke weed on your own private gondola car - you may want to ask yourself - do have a drug problem?? I guess with legalization, I should expect to see more of this.