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    I'd have to say Clapton. Not a very original choice, but the guy's been very good and very popular for a very long time.
    That was one of the choices that came to my mind.

    Ultimately I'm going to go in a bit of an odd direction here though and go with Michael Kamen. The body and breadth of his work is quite impressive. His collaboration with Metallica on the S&M concert/album is what really pushes him over the edge for me personally.

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    Who is your favorite musician?

    Satriani is definitely a niche style. most of his fan base is ppl who play guitar so they appreciate him technically as much as artistically. I'm an exception in that I don't play any instrument but just happen to specifically like his music.

    Jimi Hendrix was one of his main influences btw.

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    I had a Joe Jackson record, saw him live back in early 80s when he was big. One of my favorite songs by him is Everything Gives You Cancer.
    Love that song too. We saw JJ last July and, though he was great, I was disappointed that he did not play it.

    I am with the OP on this one - Jerry Garcia. I have seen a lot of concerts and no one could bring an entire arena along with them hanging on every note like Garcia could. Yes he was a mess. No he was not the best technical player But he is my favorite all-time guitarist and musician.

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