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    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    There will likely soon be a more guaranteed, and much cheaper, AWD solution for mountain vacation travel.

    LYFT is going after the rental car companies & will soon start car rentals. You get a $20 credit to take a Lyft to & from the renter. I'm sure UBER will soon copy that idea rather than risk being left behind in a new, potential market.

    I will 100% be doing this on future ski vacations rather than hoping I'm provided with AWD or 4WD.
    This is awesome, I hadn't heard of this before! We will still need 1-2 more cars for our Banff trip so I'll look into this.

    My buddy said he talked to Enterprise on the phone, and they said he could call a few days ahead to ensure we got a 4wd car from the Calgary airport. Maybe it's a Canadian thing where they will guarantee it?

    2018/19 - 36 days
    2019/20 - 14 days
    Hunter - 11/18
    Mission Ridge - 11/30
    Crystal - 12/14, 1/26, 2/2, 2/15
    Winter Park - 1/5
    Copper - 1/6
    Snoqualmie - 1/22, 3/7
    Sunshine Village - 2/20
    Lake Louise - 2/21, 2/23
    Mt. Norquay - 2/22

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    When shopping around for a decent car renat, don't stop at comparing initial price quotes. You'll want to determine which company's offer involves the best combination of rates (including all fees and any extras you want), service, and pickup/drop-off locations (with workable office hours) for your trip. Recently I've been to Spain where I used majorca car hire that provided me with the best service I've ever had. So always conider what what you get for your money
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    I rented a new jeep grand cherokee in utah..nice..and fit 4 of us and a ton of luggage..AWD..all the bells and whistles..750 for the worked pretty well driving up lcc in a storm
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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