No point in moaning the death of MAX. It's over, dead, gone. It was good when it last though. I was on it last season. Fantastic lineups. But it's no more.

Ikon isn't the same. It has some advantages but also serious drawbacks.
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I didn't really understand the "hardcore" Eastern skier appeal to Ikon given Stratton is the only place that's unlimited.
You don't understand the appeal because there's none. The Ikon eastern options sucks.

I made the best lemonade from the eastern part of that lemon, by driving up to Sugarbush. I may even try Sugarloaf later in the season. But the closest mountain for me is Stratton, which is too far for a day trip and not great terrain. So even though I have access to free lodging, I don't go there that often. Unlimited is of not much use for me.

But the western part of the lemon (the lemon flower) is super sweet!!! I have 2 more trips planned out west. That's after 3 weeks in Colorado: Aspen, Copper, Steamboat. 8-9 days of powder 5+".

If I "had to" do it again next year? Twist my arm, I will!

Epic? It's no better in terms of access. So I'll probably pass.